Picture by: Mikko Pekkarinen

Hi! Thanks for coming here!

I’m Eveliina Tistelgren from Finland, known also as Eevsku in social media – already for the past 10 years. I started my blog when I was working abroad but soon it changed as a diary for my journey to became a professional athlete (women’s fitness) and sports coach. Last year, 2019, I achieved my biggest dream and goal as an athlete and won the World Championships in Tarragona, Spain. Before this career my background in sports was mostly artistic gymnastics but I’ve always been keen almost to any kind of sports and movement.

After winning the world champs I decided to move on and retire from the competetive sports. It’s time for new things and new chapter in my life. Together with my sports career I also built my personal brand, business (online coaching) and I’ve done a lot of different kind of collaborations with maaany amazing companies. I’ll continue to build and develop myself and my business and I’m passionate about helping others.

I’ve been coaching/ teaching different kind of sports already for 15 years. First with kids and from my twenties I started to work more with adults (now I’m 29). I’ve been coaching group training, lesmills, artistic & team gymnastics and companies (private training). I’ve also done personal training for private clients and I’ve been teaching and developing bodyweight training instructor course and functional personal training course (spartan academy). I’ve coached mostly in Finland but also been working as an activity leader in canary islands, done some workshops in Sweden and Kuwait and been a coach in bootcamps in Thailand.

For the past 3 years I’ve mostly done (besides my social media) online coaching, workshops, teaching in the courses and some lectures. You’ll find more about my online training here (first courses in English coming soon)! My content in social media is now mostly in instagram but I also write this blog (more in English coming soon), have a youtube channel and podcast.

My instagram (eevsku) was awarded as a best social media account in Finland (in wellness scene) this January 2020. Also my blog have been awarded many times in Finland as a best or one of the best sport blogs.

My specialities and interests as a coach are mostly with bodyweight training, handstand, yoga and mind-body connection. I found a lot of benefits with my sports career from learning more about the mind, meditation, relaxation and different kind of techniques to recover better and being the best version of yourself without pushing too hard.

This year I started with a yoga teacher training (ytt200) in Bali and I’m currently staying here to deepen my knowledge, practise and taking some time for myself after 10 years working with my sports career and company. Let’s see where the life will take me next!

Follow my journey here, in instagram, youtube, facebook and podcast and join my online training if you’d like to learn more!


Courses & education

  • YTT 200hrs, The Peaceful Warrior Yoga, 1/2020
  • Cuchira – 4 day MOVMEANT intensive 2019
  • Anthony Lo – The Female Athlete Course (1 päivä) 2019
  • Saa mitä haluat / Uskalla Innostua 2012 & 2018
  • Relaxation and meditation practitioner course 5/2017
  • Passion For Success -seminar 3/2017
  • Itsensä johtaminen -koulutusviikko 2016, Uskalla Innostua, Ilkka Koppelomäki
  • Spartan Bodyweight training & personal training course Teacher from 2013
  • Haaga- Helia University of Applied Sciences – Bachelor of Sports (2016)
  • Layne Norton Seminar Helsinki 2015
  • Ido Portal Handbalancing Workshop Turku 2015
  • Charles Poliquin seminar – Hypetrophy training & optimal body composition 2015
  • Ido Portal Movement X Workshop Dublin 2014
  • Crossfit Level 1 2014
  • Spartan Gear Kettlebell Instructor 2013
  • Licensed Practitioner of NLP (NLP-Opisto) 2013
  • Saa mitä haluat 1 day seminar 08/2012
  • LesMills Bodybalance & Bodypump -instructor 2011-2013
  • Kettlebell, spinning & yoga -instructor courses in Fressi Lahti 2011-2013
  • Gymnastics (artistic & team gym) coaching & courses 2005-2013

Sports achievements

  • IFBB Elite Pro Fitness, World Championships 2019, 1. sija
  • IFBB Elite Pro Fitness, Nordic Pro 2019, 2.sija
  • IFBB Elite Pro Fitness, Arnold Classic Europe 2019, 4.sija
  • IFBB Elite Pro Fitness, MM -kilpailu 2018, 6.sija
  • IFBB Elite Pro Fitness, Arnold Classic Europe 2018, 7.sija
  • IFBB Fitness, EM -kilpailu 2018, 5. sija
  • IFBB Fitness, Fitness Classic 2018/ EM -karsinta 1. sija
  • IFBB Fitness MM 2016 12.sija
  • IFBB Fitness SM 2016 – 2.sija
  • IFBB Fitness EM -kilpailu 2016 – 6.sija
  • IFBB Fitness Classic 2016 / EM -karsinta – 1. sija
  • IFBB Fitness SM 2013 – 2. sija
  • IFBB EM-kilpailu 2013 – 7. sija
  • IFBB Fitness Classic 2013 /EM-karsinta  – 1. sija
  • IFBB Nuorten MM-kilpailu 2012 – 12. sija
  • IFBB Fitness SM 2012 – 1. sija
  • IFBB Fitness SM -karsinta 2012 – 1. sija